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As a non-member, you still have access to view all of the ladies in the program, however a black bar will prevent you from viewing their eyes. The purpose of these black bars is to provide Confidentiality for the ladies until you become a member. register now!

When you join free at the ladies in our gallery will gain access to your profile. This is the first step in letting the ladies get to know you. On average a man who posts his photos will receive up to eight times more responses. You can post up to 1 photos for free.

E-Mails, Gifts, Our Services, Etc

, is a full service Introduction agency that provides everything from initial introductions, travel advice, to the legalities and customary advice associated with marrying that special someone you may have met. Any of these additional services can be arranged through . Customary gifts ranging from stuffed animals, chocolate, and fruit baskets all the way to providing to a Fiancie K-1 Visa kit is available with our service... See full price

Buy email credit nowI want to write E-Mail to Ladies. What shall i do?

You can open an email account. You can then forward e-mail(s) to the lady(s) of your choice! This includes confidential translation (as required) of each letter(s) and reverse confidential translation (as required) of letter(s) sent to you.

The Minimum deposit to open an e-mail account is $6.95 (USA) The cost of each e-mail(s) transaction will be debited from your account and a running balance will be maintained. read more & buy it now!

NOTE: If a Lady replies that she is not interested in corresponding with you, we will not charge you for the e-mail. Your account will be credited for (1) e-mail. No other agency in the world does this!

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After "Joining Free" you can post 1 photo of yourself on your profile. Please upload your photo in My photoalbum area after you signup.

You can also add more photo(s) for an additional charge. If you wish to do this please go to "E-Mails, Gifts, Our Services, Etc" and go to "Photo delivery": you can send and receive photo(s). Your now on your way!!!!


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